Time flies when you’re having fun!

Oh, and we are, having a blast! We’re doing so great. It’s unreal how quickly time is passing and yet how normal things are with having this precious girl in our family.

Valentines Day







She’s doing so very well. Now, into the throws of school and friends and living life. She has to make tough decisions, such as, “do I go to the roller skating birthday party or the swimming pool party?” Such a conundrum.

swimming pool








She’s getting confused on some topics and asking herself questions. Questions such as:

  • How is it possible that I have so many cousins?
  • Why is it that everywhere we go, people know me and all automatically like me?
  • Why can I not eat steak for every meal?
  • Why can I not wear a princess dress to school?
  • How is it that I love this little dog so much and am not convinced of her unconditional love for me in return? (she asks herself this question while she is holding the dog in a death grip).
  • Mom says it gets warm here, but I don’t really think she’s telling the truth. Is this what summer feels like in America?
  • Why don’t my friends wear 3 pairs of pants to school, and boots, every day?
  • How many weddings am I going to be invited to this year? (inner-inner monologue: Whatever the number, it’s not enough.)









Seriously now, she’s doing great. She has an amazing self-awareness and intelligence that’s hard to match. She’s determined and knows what she wants.

Basically, it’s like parenting myself. Which is hilarious because, half jokingly months ago, I told Brian I was concerned if we had a biological daughter that she would be too much like me and I wasn’t sure if I could handle raising me. God laughed, and he gave me a little me anyhow. Adopted from China at the age of 10. Although she was born when I was just 21 years old, God created this little life across the globe. And through some pretty amazing things had to transpire for this little girl and I to be united, He did. And here we are.









So when Brian pulls out the translator app and tries to coax Yiyi into eating just a little breakfast before school, I can tell him exactly how what he said (and the tone of his voice) are not going to convince this little missy to eat. I can say no before the app has time to translate the rest and get the no out of Yiyi’s own mouth. I know because I wouldn’t have gone for that (insert your choice) deal/compromise/bribe/reward if I had been sitting in that chair at age 10. Dude, I could have saved you the megabytes it took the phone to translate that sentence. I’m not sure how many times he’s been about shocked by something she has done, looks at me in shock, to which I reply “yeah, I invented that game”

So when we get home from school and she immediately launches into her rendition of Let it Go, complete with props (my wedding slip and veil) and actions, I clearly can’t just sit there and watch. It’s performance time. Bless the across the street neighbors. And as I am then cooking something I know she isn’t going to like – because I didn’t when I was 10 – I just start thinking about what we have in the fridge to serve as meal B. I’m not even going to think about the possibilities for trying to convince her to eat what’s on her plate or sit there until it’s eaten.

Yeah, I invented that game.

And I wasn’t adopted from China at the age of 10.

It’s funny how the circle of life works. In so many ways I was scared of raising a little me. But now that I see what Yiyi needs, what she truly needs, and to see that I can provide for those needs, because I was that little girl. Well, it just further solidifies to me that I was being prepared to be this wee one’s mom since I was just a wee one myself. And that’s pretty neat.

Yiyi homework








So go ahead Yiyi, eat a plate of broccoli and Greek blueberry yogurt for dinner – after you selected the chicken you swore you would like from Trader Joe’s. Go ahead and be that strange kid who doesn’t like to go outside because it’s “too cold.” Go ahead and make deals around bedtime anytime. Go ahead and wear inappropriately season Easter dresses to school in a snowstorm. Go ahead.

I got your back, girl. And a Costco supply of yogurt. I’m really blessed to be your mom.



6 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. She’s so pretty. That’s what I kept thinking at each picture! SO glad you’re back to blogging (not that I blamed you for taking a breather!) I can’t wait to hear more about this miraculous little girl!

  2. I love that you are getting to be the mom now!! You are so right…God was preparing you to be Yiyi’s mom your whole life. That’s how I have felt about each of my babies…

  3. Nikki — she is just a total doll! I especially love the pic in the gray striped shirt with her hat, purse, and sunglasses!

  4. I love this…these pics with your narrative are so perfect. Your narrative shows how natural motherhood has come to you, not surprising at all. Can’t wait to meet her and see you soon.

  5. So fun to watch you experience God’s perfect plan and His sense of humor! Love how He places His precious ones in families where they fit perfectly! Oh! And she’s not alone hating the cold and wearing multiple layers! She should hang out with my Chinese princesses some day. We are down to just two or three layers in the winter, but they still add clothes to any New Year’s Baby picture and never go sleeveless without a sweater in the summer. 🙂

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