She’s incredible

3 days home and we’re overwhelmed with joy with how well things are going. I don’t even understand how one child can have so much strength and good in her heart to be able to be transitioning like this. She’s remarkable and we certainly do not deserve to be parents to such an incredible child.

Yiyi sunglasses


Yiyi is starting to figure out what she likes to do at home and where she likes to hang out at home. One of her absolute favorites is to put on my wedding veil and wedding dress petticoat and run around the house. Today it was just the veil, but it also required a dance party. Excuse the blurry photo, but when you are in a dance frenzy, you can’t stop to take a posed photo. And why would you want to?

Yiyi dance with veil


Yiyi also found a love for the hula hoop today. She is very good at it! I was super impressed. And Yiyi was super disappointed that mommy didn’t have the gift of the hula hoop as well. Please enjoy this video for your viewing pleasure.

She’s really incredible. We’re going to her first doctors appointment tomorrow, which I’m sure will be met with much distain but perhaps an ice cream after can help soften the blow. We thank you for continued prayers and support! We are feeling so very loved.

Yiyi and daddy


Thank you!!!

16 thoughts on “She’s incredible

  1. I’m and SO happy that the transition is going so well. Good luck at the DR appt. Positive thoughts are coming your way.

  2. Wonderful update!!! The hula hooping is awesome! Will be praying for the doc appt! Yiyi is just so amazing!!!

  3. Seriously… who hula hoops like that for the first time? Sounds like this little doll picks up lots of things QUICKLY! And her little voice saying “I love you Daddy”… absolutely precious she is.

  4. So excited for you all! What an amazing journey, and a great kid. You are wonderful parents.

  5. She is so lucky to have well-prepared, loving parents and you are so lucky to bring into your family such an extraordinary child. I can see she has a joyful spirit..a survivor! Hope the doctor is great with kids and wins her over!! Hope there is no fear…. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  6. My kids have watched her impressive hula hooping skills at least 5 times. We are all very impressed! Thanks for sharing!

  7. She’s so lovely! What a blessing she is transitioning so well. I’m so happy for you guys, Nikki.

  8. Oh my goodness she is such a miracle child!! So beautiful – through and through! I cannot wait to meet her! I’d love to have lunch with her and Isabelle (turning 8 this weekend!) So happy God put you all together – it’s amazing!! Equally blessed!!

  9. Niki, we did our Home Study through you at Children’s Hope back in 2004/5. We were blessed with Taegan Riley Yina George on May, 2006. I lost contact with you when Children’s Hope closed their KC office. A friend sent this to me. It is so good to see how your life has changed, married and a beautiful new daughter. We are so happy for you. Will send you pictures soon of our beautiful daughter you helped us get.

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