And we’re home

Just a short update to let everyone know we arrived home safe and sound tonight. And if you can believe it…about 15 minutes early! Unheard of in air travel almost. Everything was on time and all was well. We were a little bit worried when the immigration officer in Minneapolis told us this was his first international adoption, but he quickly got some help and we were on our way. We were greeted by a small but joyous crowd at the airport at KCI. I was so happy to get to see my parents faces as they became grandparents for the first time. What a blessing! At home, my brother and his girlfriend came over to join for dinner and we had our first DeSimone family dinner of pizza and chicken. Yiyi loved the chicken, made by my sweet mom. Yiyi played with Barbies for awhile until shower and bed. I’m not sure how long she’s going to sleep so I’m going to take the time now to sleep while I can.

I am anticipating a full day tomorrow of Barbies and learning how to use the elevator on our (new for us) Barbie Dreamhouse. She’s been in the US nearly 6 hours and already has 6 Barbies. Oh my lands.

We cannot wait to start meeting each and every one of you. You will love her. And I know she will love it here, in time, after much rest and learning that yes, in fact, we do have potatoes and yogurt in Megwo.

Blessings to you all and thank you!!

4 thoughts on “And we’re home

  1. We thought about you all day yesterday hoping that leaving wasn’t too stressful for YiYi . Had she ever been on a plane before? Did it scare her? Could you get her to understand you without an interpreter? Will you have someone to help you with the language barrier? We think you are amazing! Keep blogging. It is the best entertainment around! Thanks for the beautiful insights and stories. It makes us feel apart of this wonderful experience!

  2. So glad that y’all are home safe and sound! Can’t wait to hear more! I pray for quiet time for you all to play and get to know each other more in your family home! Xoxoxos

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