The girl loves her shopping

And in the right way to end another leg of our trip, the girl and I spent the morning shopping on Shaiman Island. First she wanted to stick with the other families (you know, her BFF’s the other two girls her age are here) but then she decided their shopping was just much too slow for her. So we were OFF! We walked the entire island, not neglecting even one shop.  We bought her a tradition Chinese dress that was selected by her (she dismissed the more regular type that momma liked, and insisted on the long sleeved version), a jump rope, and some chopsticks. She was happy and singing the whole way. We got to see a bridal photo shoot and Yiyi asked if she could see my wedding dress when we got home. Precious girl. We ended the morning with some lunch at the famous Lucy’s and now we’re back to the hotel, packing our bags for Hong Kong.

We’re staying in Hong Kong the next two nights completely free (thank you to Joe DeSimone and his Marriott points and the fact that I have absolutely no qualms walking in and owning that lobby as Mrs. DeSimone). We’ll be enjoying Hong Kong Disney tomorrow for free also, thanks to a generous donation of 3 tickets from a friend of our dear friend Lindsay Sakamoto! Thank you so much, new friend Kristy!!! We’ll end the day tomorrow with dinner with my roommate from the Sakamoto wedding in Hawaii and then we’ll head home bright and early on Friday.

There is something so sweet about leaving and being one step closer to home, but so sad to leave the mainland and the homeland of my beautiful baby. I’m confident we’ll be back sooner than later so she can visit her second home, sweet momma, and life for 5 years. But until then, we’ve got our sights set on home, school, eye appointments, surgeries, cousins, friends, Sunny, grandparents, and the kind of love that only a forever mom and dad can give.

We’ve been so blessed by this child and are so fortunate for these two weeks here. Wish us well as we get in a van for 3 hours to Hong Kong! Much love to you all! Now I’ll leave you with some photos from the morning.




(I think I may have convinced her that all dogs are named Sunny)

5 thoughts on “The girl loves her shopping

  1. We have all been enchanted with your story! Thank you so much for sharing your words and photos. Yiyi, Nikki and Brian–you three are a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Have fun at Disney Land.

  2. So, so, so very excited for you all! I have just been catching up on your travels and all the amazing parts of the adventure-thank you so much for sharing. Yiyi is just beautiful and incredible… Glad that your trip has had such peace and joy along with the hard stuff. Blessings along the way home! -nancyfrom4Hwhoknowsheather 😉

  3. OOH! I LOVE Hong Kong as well as Guangzhou!! 😉 Don’t worry – I was able to convince my dear daughters that reality (life at home) is nearly as fun as international travel. It won’t be too bad…mine are still speaking to me. I cannot wait to go back!! Enjoy your visit!!

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