New Photos!

It’s hard to believe that our little girl is growing up so fast. When we saw her little face for the first time she probably was just about 8 years old.  Now, she looks every bit 10-years-old. We’re so happy to have these updated photos!

Yiyi photo 2 2013


I hope she had a fun day at the boardwalk.

I want to know the back story to these photos. Like, did they dress her up and tell her that she was going to get new photos done? Did they tell her it would be for her new family in America?  And then did she cut her own bangs right after that? I have so many questions.

Working with so many kids who have been adopted as older children, I realize that their memories fade quickly. Perhaps its self preservation, or perhaps they really don’t remember.

I’m not sure if Yiyi will remember this photo day. I’m not sure if she will be thinking “yeah, I rocked those bangs” and consider a career in cosmetology. Or if she will remember that day as her saddest day as it could have been the day she was told she’s being adopted.

But we will forever remember the photos we got of Yiyi when we realized that our little girl was now in fact a little lady.

And Yiyi, if you are an amazing cyber-stalker and are reading this, lay low on the bangs. Seriously, coming from someone who wore giant glasses and the same outfit for school pictures in 3rd and 4th grade, you will thank me later for this.