Time flies when you’re having fun!

Oh, and we are, having a blast! We’re doing so great. It’s unreal how quickly time is passing and yet how normal things are with having this precious girl in our family.

Valentines Day







She’s doing so very well. Now, into the throws of school and friends…

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She’s incredible

3 days home and we’re overwhelmed with joy with how well things are going. I don’t even understand how one child can have so much strength and good in her heart to be able to be transitioning like this. She’s remarkable and we certainly do not deserve to be parents to such an incredible…

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And we’re home

Just a short update to let everyone know we arrived home safe and sound tonight. And if you can believe it…about 15 minutes early! Unheard of in air travel almost. Everything was on time and all was well. We were a little bit worried when the immigration officer in Minneapolis told us this was…

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And today we led a parade



While you were sleeping, we were leading a parade at DisneyLand. Perhaps you may be unclear as to how parades work, so let me share it with you. Without a Grand Marshall, there can be no parade. DisneyLand is no exception. And today, Brian,…

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The girl loves her shopping

And in the right way to end another leg of our trip, the girl and I spent the morning shopping on Shaiman Island. First she wanted to stick with the other families (you know, her BFF’s the other two girls her age are here) but then she decided their shopping was just much too…

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